Payments for co-pays, co-insurance, deductibles and other fees are due at the time the service is rendered.

Appointments are scheduled per availability. Your appointment time is reserved for you. You are expected to give 24-hour notice with a staff member or by voicemail message if you will not be keeping your appointment. Otherwise, you will be charged an upkept appointment fee. Your insurance company will not cover this fee.

Since some insurance companies have other carriers handle their mental health benefit administration, it is imperative that you call your insurance provider and verify that we are in network and that outpatient mental health is covered. If authorization for treatment is required, you are solely responsible for obtaining authorization from your insurance carrier.In addition, you should know co payments, co insurance, deductibles, and number of visits allowed, if applicable.

You can only be seen in the office at a scheduled appointment to get any medication refills. To avoid running out of your medication, you need to schedule appointments in a timely manner and show up for your appointments.